Our Philosophy


Cadogan-Gardens-0016-300Whilst we design a very small piece of environment we take our cues from and consider the needs of the wider environment. Practically we know this is better environmental practice, but importantly this philosophy leads us to make a space more in context aesthetically.

Our work is always founded on good horticultural science. Lots of happy organisms coexisting!

Cadogan Gardens is a proudly certified member of ECLIPs (Environmentally Certified Landscape Industry Professionals).


Our landscapes are progressive by design.

Free to rethink a space, we understand the urban lay-out is conservative, as are most buildings, but now let's do something else.

The antidote to square, to concrete and asphalt.


Landscape design is an opportunity to celebrate antipodean biota. We have a wealth of rocks, timbers and flowering plants around us. The uniqueness and diversity of Australian materials is unrivalled.

  • When it comes to Aussie gardens we are antiglobalist.
  • Where possible, all quarry products are local.
  • All timber is harvested in Australia and native species are showcased.
  • Plant schedules observe provenance specificity -- celebrate Australian flora -- and in some cases feature endangered indigenous species.

This all helps to bring together a finished job that loves being Australian, reduces the carbon footprint, and supports the local economy.