Garden Maintenance



September is a wonderful month to enjoy time in your garden!  Cadogan Gardens team of qualified Horticultural and Landscape Professionals can keep your garden looking wonderful during spring!  Whether it is a one off garden clean up or regular garden assistance, Cadogan Gardens has your needs covered!  Trust your garden to professionals!

Regular garden maintenance ensures your garden is healthy and primed throughout the year.  An example of some of the services we can provide are;

  • Site cleanup - Leaf matter, pebbles and rubbish are cleared, the garden is swept and tidied and finished with a blower to ensure that fresh garden look!
  • Plant maintenance - Plants are pruned and shaped, fertilised and assessed and treated for diseases and pests.
  • Weed control - Weeds are removed, sprayed and cleared from garden areas to prevent re-growth.
  • Edge, trim & Mow - lawns are edged, trimmed and mowed to keep them healthy and looking great!
  • Irrigation and Timber edging - Irrigation systems and timber edging will be inspected, repaired and modified where required.
  • Fertilising - For optimum plant and lawn growth, your garden will be fertilised with a nutrient balanced formula.

These are just a few of the services we offer.  Call Mick for your free consultation and quote on 0432 050 975